What do we do?
What DON'T we do!?!?

We breath the web. We dream design. And we live marketing. Oh, and we eat a fair amount of burritos at lunch.

More seriously, we build great websites, and we love doing it. A website is an interesting thing. It's not like a tv commercial or a billboard. It's a living, dynamic thing that is a virtual representation of your business. It's the anti-static. And it's absolutely essential today.

There's a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo that goes into what we do. If you're curious, we love valid html(5, yay!), css(3, yay!), php, mysql, drupal, jquery, Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on and so forth. We don't like WYSIWYG editors, templates, themes, or anything else used to fake it. And we don't like Internet Explorer either. It keeps us up at night.

If you don't know what that stuff means, don't worry. We do, and we're here to help. We prefer to work a project from start to finish, but feel free to look a little deeper if you're interested in a specific service.

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